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aifc sports are now an accredited international training centre able to provide accredited football coaching courses


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ncfe accredited international training provider offering coach education courses;

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Hong Kong - China - South East Asia - UK

www.aifcsports.com   [email protected]

Hong Kong - China - South East Asia - UK

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AIFC Sports have partnered with Football Association of Wales (FAW) Trust to provide access for potential coaches based in Hong Kong, China and South East Asia to the world’s first internationally accredited online coaching award;  THE INTRODUCTION TO FOOTBALL COACHING AWARD.


This online eLearning award provides a basic and engaging introduction to the organisation of football (soccer) practices in a fun, safe environment with an emphasis on engaging with the young players of today.


The award provides learners with an opportunity to discover and consider the technical and social support that we, as coaches, can provide to our players, discussing various practical aspects.  These include: the importance of area size, practice transitions, progressions and regressions, as well as ensuring the learner takes a closer look at themselves, their role as a coach, and how they currently share the messages they provide players.


The cost of the course is HK$950 and to enrol simply confirm your payment via email to [email protected]  You can pay with bank transfer (account number: 456408301838  account name: Alliance of International Football Coaches  Bank: HSBC) and once receipt of payment is confirmed we will email you with the log in details for the online course.

ENROL TODAY on the internationally accredited FAW Trust Introduction to Coaching Award